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Know your worth, how to position yourself, and get what you deserve.

How Do I Know If I Should Leave My Job?

Learn how you may already be labeled a "Job Clinger" and when you should move on.

When Is The Best Time To Ask For A Raise?

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Rapid Promotion founder, Jonathan Miri, created the hiring protocol for several major corporations. Now he’s dedicated to helping you get hired & promoted quickly.

Jonathan was by far the best coach I've ever worked with. He truly understood the point I was at in my career and the issues I was having with my supervisor! 3 months after working for Jonathan, I came up for review and got the promotion I had been asking for for years.

C. MillerSenior Relationship Advisor

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Jonathan Miri

Beyond just helping people recover their jobs or get the promotion, I train people how to think in a deeper way about who they are and what they want out of their job. It’s one thing to ask for a raise because you want one, it’s another thing to ask because you know you’ve earned it

If you want to discover how to stand out in your hiring manager’s mind and land your dream position, then you’re absolutely in the right place.

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Jonathan helped me develop into a confident leader. He showed me exactly how to do everything to get the job of my dreams, and I can’t recommend him enough to anyone who’s serious about getting promoted and making more money.”

Blaga IankovaLuxury Retail Senior Executive

I’m about to become a partner at my law firm because of Jonathan’s mentoring. He started working with me after I finished law school, and I’m about to get the promotion that every lawyer dreams about!”

Whitney LarsenTempe, Arizona

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